Our contribution to security in museums and warehouses

The Global Risk Assessment Platform (GRASP) is a risk assessment system for evaluating warehouse and museum facilities. It has been developed as a response to the lack of a recognized standard by which these facilities, their operations, and their policies could be assessed to assure the optimal safety of its contents. 

The Objective of GRASP is to provide a single summary page for the individual facilities which assesses specific risk/safety factors against standard criteria. To do this, answers from over 2000 questions used by an on-site independent, professional security risk surveyor are being distilled into matrices which profile the processes and functions of the facility. The ensure objectivity the questioning process is binary – Yes or No. The system is designed to weight risk significance thus emphasising priorities in respect of security improvements.

Each survey provides a report indicating critical areas and generating an overall score, as well as a checklist of professional recommendations in order to improve or mitigate critical risk areas and processes efficiently.

Areas covered by GRASP include:

  • Physical Security including design and construction
  • Manned Security
  • Electronic Security
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Environmental Controls
  • Inventory and Asset Controls including Hanging and Installation of Art
  • Institutional Policies and Procedures
  • Management Oversights and Controls
  • Contingency and Emergency Planning

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